Would You Like to Attract More Enquiries, Warm Leads and Paying Customers From Social Media?


Do you have ONE HOUR each MONTH to invest in improving the results you get from your social media marketing?


To: My Fellow UK Small Business Owners


From: Veronica Pullen, the Social Marketing Queen

Have you ever commited to investing in an online training course, got really excited about it, and then...


You logged in and watched the first session, but when it came to implementing what you’d learned, you realised it was going to take too much time so you figured you'd do it "tomorrow" - but tomorrow never came?


When your confirmation email arrived, you excitedly jumped into the members’ area but there was SO MUCH content to work through that you felt overwhelmed already?!


The day-to-day busyness of life got in the way and you got behind… then a bit more behind… until eventually you were so far behind it was easier to just ditch the whole idea?


I’ve done it, and I bet you have too?


Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not the fault of the training or the trainer – I’ve attended and launched some pretty intensive online programs myself, and got incredible results from devoting a decent chunk of time to mastering the skills I needed to improve on to grow my business.


Sometimes you really do just have to knuckle down and invest the time to take big strides in your business.


But not all of the time.


And it doesn’t suit everyone to work intensively in this way either.


How about when you know you want to commit to making small changes to facilitate incremental improvements in your results – but you want to be able to incorporate the learning without disrupting your usual routine?


So today, I’ve got a question for you…


Do you have ONE HOUR each MONTH that you can invest to increase your results from YOUR social media marketing?




You know, lack of time is a big problem for business owners. It’s one of the most common issues we face – not getting enough time to spend with our families etc.


But unless you do make a regular commitment to develop the skills you need to grow your business, then nothing is ever going to change for you.


I want to help you to have both.


Introducing the Social Marketing Power Hour Club…


I've called it the “Power Hour Club”, because that’s exactly what it is: A club for business owners who want to POWER up their business growth in just ONE HOUR each month.


By the way, that doesn’t mean one hour of training, then you’ve gotta spend another few hours implementing.


The content has been carefully planned so that each month you’ll be granted access to one session; meaning you can learn AND implement that month’s power strategy in just ONE HOUR.


As a “Social Marketing Power Hour Club member,” you’ll get access to monthly training and execution plans, covering a range of topics, including how to:

  • 1.

    Profitably, legally and ethically use Facebook for personal and group networking, build a highly-engaged tribe, without sacrificing your family’s privacy.

  • 2.

    Utilise the powerful customer communication and prospect psychology goldmine inside Facebook and Twitter.

  • 3.

    Optimise your Facebook fan page and Twitter profile for organic marketing, to get more enquiries, warm leads and paying customers.

  • 4.

    Supercharge your results from Facebook marketing when you specifically target your "warm community" with remarketing and custom audiences.

  • 5.

    Showcase your knowledge into ‘edutaining’ content and leverage that content across multiple platforms for greater exposure and brand awareness.

  • 6.

    Build social proof by getting great at being your own cheerleader!

  • 7.

    Craft captivating emails that your readers will feel excited to read and inspired to respond to.

  • 8.

    Write persuasive ‘non pushy’, emotion based sales copy that will attract eager subscribers and customers.

... and MUCH more!

Each month you will receive your unique key to unlock the vault where you’ll find the latest Power Hour training and implementation “Power Plan”.


I know that not everyone learns in the same way either.


So to make it even easier for you to maximise the power of YOUR hour, you'll be able to access the training, in THREE formats: 

Video: this will be a screen share video where I’ll be diving deep into the strategies and demonstrating exactly how you can implement what I'm teaching.


(Ideal if you like to watch over my shoulder and follow along as we go.)

Audio: the audio from the video available separately if you like to listen without distractions.


(Ideal if you like to listen while you’re on the move and don’t enjoy a more visual learning experience.)

Transcripts: if watching a video or listening to an audio leaves you cold, and you’d much prefer to learn through reading (like me!), then the transcript of the video will be ideal for you.

Downloadable Worksheets: plus, there will be a downloadable worksheet to print out to assist you with the implementation, including a checklist to make sure you don't miss anything out.

Whatever your learning and implementation preferences, I’ve got you covered inside the Social Marketing Power Hour Club.


So… what is your investment to join the Social Marketing Power Hour Club?


Well, that’s where things get interesting.


You see, I know that I could charge £97 a month for this and you’d get amazing value.


You’re probably expecting me to tell you at this point that I’m going to charge £47 a month…


It should be at least that, you’re right. And one day in the future it may well be.


But I want to do something a little bit “out of the box” – which I’m hoping will make this such a no-brainer for you that you’ll want to hit the ‘join now’ button and jump on board now.


You ready for this?


Because ...


Your investment to join the Social Marketing Power Hour Club is just £10 / month.

Yep. Just TEN pounds a month.



That's right.


Join the Social Marketing Power Hour Club Now for £10 per month...


    12 month duration. No minimum contract. Cancel at any time (although I’m hoping you wont want to, obvs!)

"Worth Every Penny - and More!"

I've just completed the first module. Brilliant info and worth every penny - and more! 

I'm off to implement what I've learnt. Thanks Veronica

Deborah Taylor
Book Launch Your Business
"Amazing Program!"

Veronica's Power Hour Program is flipping AMAZING! 

There IS time to implement as you go, so by the end of it you've not only understood what you've learnt, but you've done it. No long to-do list to sigh over!

Also, when Veronica talks you through the topics, she does so step by understandable step and covers everything... even the questions you've stored in your mind to ask later are covered before you've had a chance to ask. 

Her teaching style makes sense of even the complicated stuff!

Linda Hamilton-Ross
Mobile Hair Extensions

Why such a low investment?

Firstly, marketing online is essential these days yet so many business owners aren’t taking full advantage of the incredible opportunities available to them. My goal is to support 1,000 small business owners to get better results online this year, at a rate that should be affordable to all.


Secondly, I know there are a lot of “social media marketing experts” out there, and if this is the first you’ve heard of me, or you know who I am but you haven’t worked with me before, then I appreciate that it’s difficult to know whether I can " walk my talk".


So, the other reason that I've deliberately made your investment to join the Social Marketing Power Hour Club so small, is that I want to make it easy for you to "take a punt" on me.


I'm hoping that once I’ve proven to you that you can trust me to deliver on my promises, at some point you and I can work together at a deeper level, inside one of my core programs.


Either way, it’s a win/win for you, I’d say.


Ooops, I almost forgot… there’s a BONUS too!


It’s called the Social Marketing Power Hour CLUB…. and a club means other members – a peer group.


So as well as the results you'll be getting from the monthly learning content and implementation plans that I’ll be creating and delivering for you, you’ll also have access to a private Facebook group where you can hang out, ask questions, and network with an awesome tribe of supportive business owners.


Of course, if you only want to commit an hour each month to enhancing your online marketing results, you don’t have to participate in the Facebook group. But if you do have more time, and want to soak up as much knowledge and experience as possible for your investment, you’ll be able to learn from what your fellow members have shared too.


The bonus alone could easily justify the investment to be honest.


It would… except I can’t ‘sell’ access to any Facebook feature – it’s against their Terms of Service! That’s why it’s a free bonus. < = a little tip there for you :-)


Now it's time for you to make a decision... 


Are you ready to join the 12-month Social Marketing Power Hour Club and have monthly access to strategies for getting in front of more of your ideal clients, and converting them into enquiries and paying customers..?


Step-by-Step training to maximise the power of your hour each month, delivered in multiple formats, to suit your preferred learning style..

  • 1.

    Watch-over-my shoulder video demonstration for each session

  • 2.

    MP3 audio of each session for when you want to learn on the move

  • 3.

    Transcripts of every session if your preferred learning format is to read (like me!)

  • 4.

    Downloadable worksheets to aid your implementation

Join the Social Marketing Power Hour Club Now for £10 per month...


"Immensely Valuable!"

Month one of the Social Marketing Power Hour was immensely valuable, Veronica! 

I'm already looking forward to next month!

Tamsen Garrie
EnACT Business Coaching & Mentoring

   12 month duration. No minimum contract. Cancel at any time (although I’m hoping you wont want to, obvs!)


You’ll get immediate access to a bonus overview session, where I walk through my 8-step Social Marketing Profits Blueprint™ so you understand the psychology of your social media followers, and the thought processes they instinctively journey through between meeting you online and becoming a new lead, enquiry or paying customer.


Then, you'll be ready to dive straight into your first Power Hour training and implementation, with future sessions being delivered automatically on each monthly anniversary of your membership for the next 12 months.


Who is the Social Marketing Power Hour Club for..?

  • 1.

    Service businesses selling to business customers, locally, nationally or internationally

  • 2.

    Service businesses selling to consumers, locally, nationally or internationally

  • 3.

    Product retailers with an eCommerce store

  • 4.

    Offline - bricks and mortar businesses - restaurants/shops/pubs/beauty salons/hairdressers, etc

  • 5.

    Network Marketing and Multi-Level Marketing professionals

  • 6.

    Crafts and makers businesses selling directly from their website

  • 7.

    Not-for-Profit organisations and charities looking for low-cost support with reaching more of their audience online

What others say about Veronica Pullen...

Nick James - SeriouslyFunBusiness.co.uk

"Business Benefits Beyond Sales"

Veronica gets how to use social media to connect with your market so your business benefits in more ways than sales.

I always recommend her to my business celebrity clients.

Lucy Whittington
BeingABusiness Celebrity
"Fount of Social Media Knowledge for Business"

Veronica is a fount of knowledge on social media and its use in business. 

What I love about her programmes is they are easy to follow, provide great step by step instructions and support via social media, of course!! 

Well worth the investment.

Helen Turier
"Exceptionally Insightful and Truly Knows Her Stuff"

When Veronica managed our social media campaigns, I saw an unprecedented increase in the numbers attending our events in the UK. 

She is exceptionally insightful and truly knows her stuff. 

Dr Joanna Martin
Shift Speaker Training & One of Many

Nigel Botterill - Entrepreneurs Circle

"Successfully Doing Exactly What She Advises"

When an expert tells me I should be doing something, the first thing I do is to look at their track record to ensure they are personally successful at what they preach. 

Veronica doesn’t just talk the talk but is successfully doing exactly what she advises… crucial for any marketing and social media practitioner!

Dee Blick
Author of the Ultimate Small Business Marketing Book
"She Cuts Through the Noise"

Veronica has a unique ability to cut through all the 'noise' and make it relevant for you - all delivered in a clear and easily to follow manner! 

She is my go-to social media specialist. 

Dawn Fry
"Personally Embodies the Five Laws of a Go-Giver"

Not only does Veronica personally embody the Five Laws of The Go-Giver, she’s terrific at relating them to Social Media in her teaching. 

I know there are a lot of people who emulate her, and they should because she really does a fantastic job.

Bob Burg
Co-Author of The Go-Giver

Join the Social Marketing Power Hour Club Now for £10 per month...

12 month duration. No minimum contract. Cancel at any time (although I’m hoping you wont want to, obvs!)




Choose to Pay All 12 Months Upfront Today and Get 3 MONTHS FREE!


Pay in full for the 12 months membership today, and you'll still receive access to your Social Marketing Power Hour session videos, audios and transcripts each month, but you'll save £30 on your annual subscription cost. 

(One-off charge. This is NOT a recurring anuual subscription!)